Why It’s Important To Go Back To School For A Higher Education

Posted by Willow Tufts | Posted in Education | Posted on 15-06-2016

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It’s a little different to come straight from High School  into a higher education program, rather than feeling “over the hill”. You feel like your options are limited when it comes to going back to school, but that is not the reality! We are not talking about putting yourself in tens or hundreds of thousands in debt here. We are talking about real, viable options for you. To better your future and widen your horizons.

Higher Education IS For You7975543462_bd8f7f5471_b higher education

Not only does a higher education give you more options, it allows you to build confidence in your own life. It allows you to move forward in your current career or reach those dreams you have always aspired to. Whether you just never had to opportunities to obtain those dreams, or you had an obstacle put in your way, hindering you from those goals, take this as a sign to re imagine and reassess your options.

The Money

Of course, this will be mentioned. It is proven that people with a bachelor’s degree make 84% more over a lifetime than high school graduates according to LA Times. A college degree could be the boost to move you up in the company that you are already in. Or be the thing that switches you into your dreams that you never thought would be a reality.

The Personal Effects of Achieving

Not only will the money be a boost to your wallet, it will be a boost to your confidence. Higher education can put you in a position to be living much more comfortably and providing for yourself or your family. This confidence that comes from knowing that you worked hard to put yourself in a place to provide for your life, as well as being happy in the career that you are in, will fulfill your life in new an exciting ways. All you have to do is try! You can achieve your dreams!

Putting Yourself First

Its entirely possible that the reason you haven’t thought about Higher education till now, is because you have spent a large amount of your life putting other people’s needs before your own. This trait is incredibly admirable. But the people who have it often forget, that sometimes to put others first, they must invest in themselves. Like my Grandma says, “You can’t poor out of an empty vessel.” So fill your self with knowledge and resources! So that you can keep bettering the world.

Putting Yourself Out There7975205041_7a5e4b65ff_m higher education

Have you ever thought about your connections? The people that you can reach out to when you need them, or when someone you care about is in a pinch. Reaching for a higher education broadens your horizons greatly when it comes to resources and connections. The connections in your life are HUGE in getting new opportunities and putting yourself in a place to succeed in all of the things you hope to attain.

There ARE Options For You

Now, don’t panic. All of the opportunities sound amazing, and all of these reasons are valid, but how will you find the money? How will you find the time? Working higher education around your already full and adult life sounds like a messy situation. Wait. There are resources specifically for people like you! People in a tricky situation that need help bettering their lives. Find the right degree for you.

Keep fighting. Keep striving for better. Better your life, and attain your dreams.

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