Why Optional Review Sessions Matter to the Smart College Student

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Even the wisest college student might think that the entire schedule on a syllabus is mandatory and that anything “extra” is, well, just extra — meaning NOT NECESSARY. And they’re right. If a college professor offers additional work to be done and time to be invested, that’s up to the discretion of the college student. Taking advantage of those optional review sessions isn’t a requirement, but here’s the thing:

This Is Your Education We’re Talking About: So as a Smart College Student, Consider Every Resource Carefullycollege student review sessions

Who knows — the smart college student might gain an incredible advantage by attending any optional review sessions, plus you get some great face time and individual attention from the professor or TA. Invest in the possibility. Those additional review sessions are not, in fact, a waste of time.

The big bonus is the fact that you might have an extra incentive, a college professor who will consider you more specifically as an academic of excellence, especially with your term paper. There might be some specifics on that mid-term or final exam that no other student would otherwise learn about unless you happen to put your best foot forward and invest that extra time. It’s a lifelong lesson. The more time you put into something, the better your outcome or result might be.

Don’t be surprised if college professors often think like this. They may offer those “optional review sessions” as a fine print on the syllabus, but the trick is that he or she then hopes some college students will actually show up. This filters out the aggressive learners from the wastes of time in the lecture hall. Think about it. It makes it that much easier to gauge who should get the grade — and who, well, shouldn’t.

Your Education Is All About Strategy

It’s a mission. You have certain tactics to improve your college life. Use them. And, for sure, this one about those optional review sessions is just another weapon in your arsenal on your quest to landing your professional career with the degree in which you have a passion.

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