Reason 5 Why #LGBT #Workplace #Discrimination Will Be No More: #ATT We had to hashtag like …

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Reason 5 Why #LGBT #Workplace #Discrimination Will Be No More: #ATT

We had to hashtag like that, but if there's ANY confusion as to what company that is, we'll add the ampersand in there: AT&T. That's right — the age-old and timeless telecommunications company, still kicking and still taking names in the niche like you wouldn't believe.

And they support the LGBT community. That global coalition: that's the reason. But just how much support can AT&T give? Well, here's just how big AT&T really is:

In 2014, AT&T employed more than 240K workers. The year before that, the corporation's generated well over 120B in revenue. AT&T to this day is ranked among the top 10 most valuable brands worldwide and has a U.S. market share of the mobile cellular industry of more than 30%.


Worry Not About LGBT Workplace Discrimination

We recently seen the news about Kim Davis, Pope Francis, and the gay marriage thing, so everyone’s worried about workplace discrimination. Fear not, though!

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