Hop To Your Own ‘Better’ – In Business

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Fish in the bowl. Swimming, swimming automatically around… competing for food, hanging out in the places they like and just keep work, work, work, working. Right, right?

Hey, actually we are humans with a lot of tools at our disposal and we get the privilege of setting up our environment, and the responsibility of effecting it.

When you are tired of circling the bowl, start here. Start a business, using your talents WITH a great ‘why’. Listen to This ted talk by Simon Sinek about successful businesses, click here. 

“Know Thyself” – Socrates

Knowing Your Strengths and Communicate Them Clearly – Market That – Keep Track of Your Network – Keep Your Eye On The Ball – It’s A Slow Burn – Cover Your Bases

  1. List Capabilities

    1. Resume Style
      1. How To Structure A Resume? Don’t. Let a website do it for you. There are easy options. Like Google doc templates, or this thing:  Click here for an easy option. These days a social media presense is just as important as the hardcopy resume. 
      2. Journal Style
        1. Daydream about how your skills relate and imagine need ways to put them together.


  • Create A Visual Identity – Online presence 

  1. Images
    1. Canva.com
      1. Create better images than Clip art with lots of high quality free images (or upload your own) and a Paint Program like editing techniques. Grab the image and share it on your website, social media.
    2. Smugmug.com
      1. This is a photography portfolio, or perhaps a good place to store photos in the cloud, that you could url to potential clients or…”new friends”.
  2. Website Builder
    1. Wix.com
      1. best all around flexible site
      2. cannot change templates – choose wisely
    2. Squarespace.com
      1. best for design
      2. If you want a creative looking website, use this
      3. A little more expensive to pay for the extras
    3. Weebly.com
      1. Drag and drop
      2. Very basic desgin
      3. no time bomb on sites
      4. compatible with google analytics
      5. not for ecommerce needs
    4. Jimdo.com
      1. Update for $ to have a personal domain name
      2. Hundreds of templates AND customization options (especially if you know code)
      3. With SEO
      4. Very non-English friendly
      5. No drag and drop
    5. WordPress.com
      1. This site is a wordpress
      2. it’s the most popular
      3. tech support is easy to get
      4. SEO
    6. Shopify
      1. If you want to focus on eCommerce
      2. low credit card processing fee
  • Marketing – Tell People About It

    1. Keep “Networking Notes”, A “Leads” Chart, A Diary, A Spreadsheet, A google doc, an excel sheet
      1. Why? Knowing Who To Thank
        1. Remembering names
          1. How to win friends and influence people
        2. Remembering the substance
          1. What did you talk about?
      2. Why? Knowing Where To Head Next To Keep Your Business Steady.
  • Have Your Money Game On Pointbusiness

    1. How will you meet your budget?
      1. High Retainer, Less Clients?
      2. Lower Retainer, More Clients?
    2. What is your ideal budget?
      1. Read this article about the keys to Principle Approach to Budgeting. 
    3. Have a well-thought out pricing strategy for your good or service
  • Keep Your Eye On The Ball – Do Not Expect Quick Success When Starting Your Own Business

    1. Keep your day job, if needed for your bills. Do not count on income you have not earned yet!
    2. Put the habits in place and keep going
    3. Patience in networking is important, too. This article from Forbes had some good rules of thumb for us all, as humans not just networking.
      1. Don’t complain
      2. Don’t Interrupt
      3. Don’t Drink too much
      4. Don’t hard sell yourself
      5. Don’t talk about me-me-me.
    4. Process this well: You will do work you aren’t paid for
    5. Be patient
      1. Think long and hard about how you can rely on savings
      2. Budget and relax
      3. Hurry and busy are
  • Cover Your Bases

    1. Paperwork
      1. File for an LLC
        1. Read this great article for step by step instructions brought to you by Income Tax Planning 
      2. Use Contracts
        1. Insurance Thinking
        2. Prevent Legal Problems
  • If you don’t have your ‘why’ in order maybe you need some higher education to learn about a world in business you otherwise wouldn’t. Click here to pursue higher education WITH financial help. 

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Why Businesses Need to Get Ahead With Credit Card Chip Technology

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Forget the fact that the transition’s happening right now as we speak. Forget the fact that even consumers are a bit wary despite the fact that there are these reasons why people shouldn’t worry. The new credit card chip technology, EMV, is coming. It most definitely will stick. It will stay. And while it’s going to be a long transition (imagine how many stores in the entire nation will have to be fitted with these new credit card reading machines), and card companies will be slowly rolling out these new bad boys, the fact of the matter is this — businesses are straggling to catch up.

That May Not Necessarily Be a Bad Thing, However….

It just so happens, though, that the new cards (for those who don’t have them) will be functional bothcredit card chip technology-1 ways, just to ensure that there are no problems. That means your magnetic stripe credit card might already have a microchip installed already. However…. Businesses need to get ahead right now given the fact that Visa and MasterCard have officially renounced any accountability for credit card fraud.

What does that mean? That means you, the business, will be solely responsible for compensating a customer who’s suffered from ID theft. Not something you want to deal with.

The Fact Is Credit Card Chip Technology Is the Wave of the Future

Only a quarter of merchants in the country have the readers built-in and operational to run the new computer chip credit cards. The technology’s safer. It’s been proven in other countries; sadly, the U.S. is the last to convert.

As a support and due diligence to your customers, we make it a point to invest in the technology and get yourselves ready for the transition before you lose out on more of your resources due to credit card fraud and such. It’s still a big game-changer as far as white-collar crime is concerned. So don’t hesitate. This is the name of the game for business these days.

You Need Help Managing the Finances of Your Business?

Cloud Based Bookkeeping can do it. We’re consultants. We have access to the resources you need to protect your funds, your sensitive information, your taxes. Everything. Even when it involves this new credit card chip technology. Visit our Google+ page as well and then sign up today!

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How the New Credit Card Chip Technology Will Support ID Theft

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ShareFollow UsBusinesses have to be keen on this new development in the financial stratosphere when you’re thinking about it, for plenty of reasons. Aside from the fact that the transition to credit card chip technology will incorporate a nationwide spread of new card-reading machines (more investment for businesses, unfortunately), there’s one other subject companies everywhere would […]

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Credit Card Chip Technology: It’s Going to Take Awhile

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As seen here, the expectation is people may be wary about the whole credit card switch thing from magnetized strip to tiny computer chip (especially with credit card fraud always being a problem) despite these three reasons why we shouldn’t be scared. We’re protective over our plastic! However, fear not: this isn’t a change that’s […]

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Maximizing Business Taxes as a Real Estate Professional

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What kind of business tax write-offs are we talking about? Plenty. It’s staggering just what you can deduct from your taxes and get some money back for your investment, and make no mistake — in the real estate business, even as our domestic market continues to grow with the surging home prices, foreign interest in U.S. real estate, the burgeoning mortgage trends, and millennials everywhere taking the industry by storm as the newest home buyer of the the rest of this decade, you want to stay ahead in the game with your business investments and keep the revenue flowing.

One Surefire Way to Do That Is to Make Sure You’re Taking Advantage of All of Your Business Taxes

It’s staggering just how much many real estate agents don’t know about their tax returns. This is just a list of what you can deduct for business taxes, but one thing’s for sure: you must consult with a professional at the Income Tax Planning Network and get going now. The faster you do it, the faster you get that tax refund deposit!

Business Travel

  • Airfare Costsbusiness taxes travel
  • Car Rentals
  • Dry Cleaning & Laundry
  • Lodging
  • Meals (Yes, meals can be deducted!)
  • Parking & Tolls
  • Taxi, Train, Ferry, Boat, Subway & Bus
  • Tips


  • Cell Phones
  • Answering Services
  • Faxing and Emails
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Internet
  • Office Telephone (VOIP)
  • Toll-Free Numbers
  • Even Pagers!

Supplies & Equipment

  • Briefcases
  • Stationary & Other Office Suppliesbusiness taxes equipment
  • Calculators
  • Cameras & Lenses
  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Windex & Soap Scum Remover
  • Computers, Laptops & Tablets
  • Flashlights
  • GPS
  • Hard & Flash Drives
  • Lock Boxes & Keys
  • Maps
  • Printers & Scanners
  • Tape Measures
  • Repair & Maintenance
  • Security Systems
  • Utilities
  • Insurance Costs
  • Mortgage Interest or Rent
  • Property Taxes

Your Workforce (If You Have One)business taxes payroll

  • Clerical Support
  • Family Wages (It’s the Truth, No Joke)
  • Payroll & Unemployment Taxes
  • Sales & Virtual Assistants

Other Office Expenses

  • Desk Fees
  • Coffee & Drinking Water Provisions
  • Copier Fees
  • Janitorial Services

Professional Fees

  • NAR
  • NAEBAbusiness taxes legal
  • CREA
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Bank Fees
  • Bookkeeping
  • Business Licensure
  • E&) Insurance
  • Franchise/Affiliation Fees
  • Interest on Business Purchases
  • Legal Fees
  • MLS Fees
  • Tax Preparation Fees

Retirement Costs

  • The Defined Benefit Plan
  • Self-Employment Pension (SEP)
  • Simple IRA
  • Solo 401k

Real Estate Selling Expenditures

  • Appraisals
  • CL100’s
  • Client Gifts (Less Than $25 Per Client)
  • Closing Attorney Fees
  • Concessionsbusiness taxes real estate
  • Courier Services & Delivery Fees
  • Finder Fees & Referrals
  • Listed Property Repairs
  • Home Warranties
  • Inspections
  • Notary Fees
  • Open House Costs
  • Photo Editing
  • Home Staging
  • Startup Organizational Costs

Overwhelmed, Yet? Don’t Be. This Is All Good for the Business Taxes.

And as a real estate agent, you’ll be doing just fine, especially after looking at this more comprehensive tax write-off guide. Yes, there’s even more you can deduct from your taxes.

So don’t sweat it. You’re doing just fine. You’ve got the business taken care of with CBB, and if you’re ready after itemizing everything from your toothpicks to telemarketing services, register with the Income Tax Planning Network right now and get those taxes done immediately.

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