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Fish in the bowl. Swimming, swimming automatically around… competing for food, hanging out in the places they like and just keep work, work, work, working. Right, right?

Hey, actually we are humans with a lot of tools at our disposal and we get the privilege of setting up our environment, and the responsibility of effecting it.

When you are tired of circling the bowl, start here. Start a business, using your talents WITH a great ‘why’. Listen to This ted talk by Simon Sinek about successful businesses, click here. 

“Know Thyself” – Socrates

Knowing Your Strengths and Communicate Them Clearly – Market That – Keep Track of Your Network – Keep Your Eye On The Ball – It’s A Slow Burn – Cover Your Bases

  1. List Capabilities

    1. Resume Style
      1. How To Structure A Resume? Don’t. Let a website do it for you. There are easy options. Like Google doc templates, or this thing:  Click here for an easy option. These days a social media presense is just as important as the hardcopy resume. 
      2. Journal Style
        1. Daydream about how your skills relate and imagine need ways to put them together.


  • Create A Visual Identity – Online presence 

  1. Images
    1. Canva.com
      1. Create better images than Clip art with lots of high quality free images (or upload your own) and a Paint Program like editing techniques. Grab the image and share it on your website, social media.
    2. Smugmug.com
      1. This is a photography portfolio, or perhaps a good place to store photos in the cloud, that you could url to potential clients or…”new friends”.
  2. Website Builder
    1. Wix.com
      1. best all around flexible site
      2. cannot change templates – choose wisely
    2. Squarespace.com
      1. best for design
      2. If you want a creative looking website, use this
      3. A little more expensive to pay for the extras
    3. Weebly.com
      1. Drag and drop
      2. Very basic desgin
      3. no time bomb on sites
      4. compatible with google analytics
      5. not for ecommerce needs
    4. Jimdo.com
      1. Update for $ to have a personal domain name
      2. Hundreds of templates AND customization options (especially if you know code)
      3. With SEO
      4. Very non-English friendly
      5. No drag and drop
    5. WordPress.com
      1. This site is a wordpress
      2. it’s the most popular
      3. tech support is easy to get
      4. SEO
    6. Shopify
      1. If you want to focus on eCommerce
      2. low credit card processing fee
  • Marketing – Tell People About It

    1. Keep “Networking Notes”, A “Leads” Chart, A Diary, A Spreadsheet, A google doc, an excel sheet
      1. Why? Knowing Who To Thank
        1. Remembering names
          1. How to win friends and influence people
        2. Remembering the substance
          1. What did you talk about?
      2. Why? Knowing Where To Head Next To Keep Your Business Steady.
  • Have Your Money Game On Pointbusiness

    1. How will you meet your budget?
      1. High Retainer, Less Clients?
      2. Lower Retainer, More Clients?
    2. What is your ideal budget?
      1. Read this article about the keys to Principle Approach to Budgeting. 
    3. Have a well-thought out pricing strategy for your good or service
  • Keep Your Eye On The Ball – Do Not Expect Quick Success When Starting Your Own Business

    1. Keep your day job, if needed for your bills. Do not count on income you have not earned yet!
    2. Put the habits in place and keep going
    3. Patience in networking is important, too. This article from Forbes had some good rules of thumb for us all, as humans not just networking.
      1. Don’t complain
      2. Don’t Interrupt
      3. Don’t Drink too much
      4. Don’t hard sell yourself
      5. Don’t talk about me-me-me.
    4. Process this well: You will do work you aren’t paid for
    5. Be patient
      1. Think long and hard about how you can rely on savings
      2. Budget and relax
      3. Hurry and busy are
  • Cover Your Bases

    1. Paperwork
      1. File for an LLC
        1. Read this great article for step by step instructions brought to you by Income Tax Planning 
      2. Use Contracts
        1. Insurance Thinking
        2. Prevent Legal Problems
  • If you don’t have your ‘why’ in order maybe you need some higher education to learn about a world in business you otherwise wouldn’t. Click here to pursue higher education WITH financial help. 

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