There Is No Spoon When You Get Yourself A Loan

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This ladder climbing thing can be exhausted, and disorienting. More like a spirally cycle of bills to pay and pay day and the dreaded payday advance. It’s like spitting out a portion of your food every bite you take…or that you have to expend energy to take bites of the food that gives you energy. It’s like needing a job to pay for school to get you a better job. Everything is connected, and remember this in all the spinning of your wheels, as tired as you may be…loan

Our Society Is Set Up To Assist Those With Desire And Drive To Arrive.

Get a minimum wage job, and use that reference to get a better job. Use that better job to pay for college to get a better job. Use that better job to get a better job. Be a good adult…take care of –

Sounds like a lot of run around for some, and desiring a job is as far as some soul’s drive will take them.  To a job, because you know what…we all have to live somewhere, housed. Read this article about your options in that realm of society.

And you have to eat. So you will work for money to sleep somewhere and eat something.

Look up, though. Life is full of adventures and pleasures and enjoyment. Putting your head down to get through the typing of the same password…repeating your name, DOB, SSN…all that, (which you can protect for pennies a day — from theft, click here)…the repetitious accidental nature of our computerized, robotic, occasionally idiotic world…where you need to protect abstract information about yourself, or else…have really good luck…or deal.

Because people are going to live somewhere and eat, like an animal will. The spoon of it all is that we want those things as easily as possible, and our brains are designed to plan. Planning the quickest route from point A to point B is natural. Without a moral compass, you WOULD hurt other people in the process. And sometimes you can NOT want to hurt people – and totally ignore that you ARE. The moral compass is the spoon, out of sight and out mind.

Let there be out of sight out of mind…since the 13th century people have been saying this prase: “Out of Sight Out of Mind.” Although, then it would have been “out of sight out of minde.” There is no ‘e’….

You Can Try To Put “Bettering Your Own Life” Out of Sight Out Of Mind…loan

 At Least Keep Your Moral Compass In Sight

“There is no car…”

Okay, so there is no going?…way the heavens over there…for education. So here we are. Do a job and there is more Netflix, potato chips and water. Unpaid bills pile in the crannies of your house. You carry some around and think about opening it and set it down to raise some kids, see some friends, answer the creditors phone call. Your hotline bling-ed, and now that mail is out of sight out of mind.

A friend told me once her secret to living successfully in New York. Whenever she got sad or antsy or moody or missing home or missing her Mom…she did 1 thing off of her adult to do list. Just one thing, like mail that letter. Fill out that form. And before she knew it this vague cloud that attached itself to all the other emotional bits of her life would “POP” and her small actions a little at a time were enough to rain down benefits into her career, which benefited her personal life immensely. And this friend, she is all about people and she’s moody. So much so that it’s really shocking she’s handling all the red tape, unknowns, change, crowds, competition…She’s sensitive.

She didn’t stare at the hurt, her spoon. She bent herself. With that one hard thing, she built into a addicting habit.

Make An Adult To-Do-List…And Check Off One Thing At A Time…

At some point you will face $. Be ready.

Face Yourself, Bend Yourself

Like a ladder. The ladder isn’t really there. True. And you don’t really have to climb it. You might be full of dread. It’s okay, Robin…That’s the little Eeyore inside you. “POP.” There is no Eeyore.

But sure, we can create him with cotton stuffing, and he can mope ’round. Look in the

Like The Matrix (2009) and the spoon – “Do not try and bend the spoon. Instead only try and remember the truth. There is no spoon. Then you will see it is not the spoon that bends it is only yourself.”

“The oracle will see you now.”

What if you had the means TO DO the things things on the to-do list?

Click here for your payday loan, because it is not the world that bends itself but you who make it bend. 

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Clinton Just Proposed A Revolutionary Idea For Education

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Clinton, Hillary Not Bill, silly, felt the Bern, or at least his young voters…and their parents…and their parent’s parents…of the burden of tuition on working class families. We_Can_Do_It!

All of Bernie’s empowerment of the 99% has urged a compromise from the winning democratic candidate we might not have otherwise. Thanks, Bernie, for pushing the forward thinking more forward. Onward, and maybe upward?

Remember Rosie The Riveter? She was welding the nails of the jet which men (mostly) went off and fought for…for what was that?

Oh yes, for all of us to have good jobs, even children only their job is school…financial freedom, families and good schools. That’s what Rosie was doing – or how the idea of women working was propagandized during WWII.

As Part of Clinton’s Democratic Platform Anyone From A Family Making Less Than $85,000 a Year Can Attend College “Tuition-Free”

Or at least charged “debt-free tuition”, as the proposed alternative in the draft.

Your cry has been heard? How nice does that feel?!

Won’t count for a masters, though. And of course, it’s not guaranteed to happen.

The draft for the Democratic Platform for the 2016 election will be finalized July 8th or 9th. Here is the draft, click here for a pdf. 

While we are on Clinton’s Platform and Education…where DO her passions lie?

ClintonComputer Science Is Where It’s At For Clinton

“The world is changing,” Clinton began. “But our education system is lagging behind. Consider this: There are more than half a million open jobs that require computing skills across the country and in every major industry. But the majority of schools in the United States do not offer computer science. It isn’t just that there’s a shortage of computer science teachers, it’s that we haven’t made a commitment to do that. But I have. I’m going to prioritize; give our educators the time and the resources they need to learn how to integrate digital tools into the curriculum,”

You might need a job – right yesterday…and here are a few places that UNDER CLINTON’S PROPOSAL IN ACTION…you can be…

  • An Optometrist which can pay for their children’s tuition if they choose, because they make $129,000 in median income / year. Click here if you are interested in Optometry.
  • A Chiropractor which can have their child’s tuition paid for because their median income is $66,720. Click here if you are interested in being a Chiropractor. 
  • Being a Paramedic is less certain, but the BLS reports the median annual salary as $31,700 in 2014. The best-paid 10 percent in the profession made approximately $54,690, while the lowest-earning 10 percent made approximately $20,690. Nope, tuition-free hopefully. Take steps towards being a paramedic here. 
  • A truck drive is a good example of as much as  you could make and still have your children’s school scot-free:$73,000, according to ATA. The Labor Department pegs the median annual salary for all truck drivers at around $40,000. Click here for information in this direction. 

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Which Career Path Suits Your Personality?

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Lost in the day to day grind it can be hard to remember who you are and what is best for you – especially if you are running around surviving, not thriving. Sometimes you are thriving and something is missing because your career doesn’t fit you. career path

A deep understanding of yourself gives you the emotional intelligence and tools to make better decisions… like which career, where to get the training and how to pay for it…

“Good type development can be achieved at any age by anyone who cares to understand his or her own gifts and the appropriate use of those gifts,” said Isabel Briggs Myers

From that simple idea burst forth a personality test highly accurate and wide spread, helping our specialization of tasks AND maximizing our happiness in our jobs…

Each two concept spreads an area of life into a spectrum. For example, you could be 100%E or 100%I or 0%E/I.

Extroverted Vs. Introverted – Directing And Receiving Energy

Do you get your energy from being with people? In crowds? Or just small groups? Does it have to be close friends only? Do you prefer to be alone most of the time? Do you like to listen to podcasts, or books on tape? Do you like silence and are really happy going days without speaking?

Sensing Vs. Intuitive – Taking In Information

Are you using your 5 senses to guide your decisions, thoughts and experiences? How aware are you of each sense? Do you have a 6th sense? Do odd feelings, ‘I just know’, guide your decisions, thoughts and experiences? Is it a good mix of both or one over the other?

Thinking Vs. Feeling – Make Decisions

Do you value objective facts or subjective concerns? Do you remember things with a hazy of emotion or do you recall the stats? Do you feel first and then have thoughts reacting, assigning meaning to them…or do you have thoughts that lead to emotional reactions? Do you prefer and/or deliver the “hard truth” or do you value harmony and tact?

Judging Vs. Perceiving – Approach The Outside World

How do other tend to see you? Do you prefer to have plans or leave things more open ended? Do you appear to be task oriented or taking things as they come to you? Career Path

Take This Quiz To Know Your Type

Study This Chart To Choose A Career Path

Move On From Your Current Situation, and Click Here.

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Find A Career That Gives You ‘Life Breaks’

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It’s Not My Lunch Break…It’s My Life Breakfind a career

“That’s my life break, Sweetie…” the stay-at-home AND work Mom says to her preschooler…who doesn’t know the bells, the lines, the sit and eat real fast paced, wolf like, on your foam plates or out your squishy box… Or the adult version…sit in your cubicle and wait in line for the microwave and eat at your desk while you do….

That preschooler might go to school and be shocked that you cannot put your feet up, hold your plate to your chin lean back and take a…life break. Like, “What teacher? I cannot do my math right now…I have to do math during math time? And I’m hungry now but at lunch time? I have to use the restroom right now, and there it is…far away, but I have to ask you?”

Find A Career That, “Give Me A Break…Give Me A Break, Break Me Off A Piece Of That”…Nice Long Life

If you take a merely a lunch break you are probably (now this not testable or provable at all) shaving years off your life and cutting your productivity at work down by oh, let’s say, half.

You cannot look at a screen all day and through lunch, and at home on your Netflix and not be a zombie. The eye strain…the brain hypnosis…human droids lacking empathy, forgetting how to express emotion and read it on the face of another – a key in compassion.

You are a more compassionate person if you soak in your breaks.

Did you know people are click, clicking (working) so hard these days that is common for people to eat at their desk. In front of their computer. Eww. That’s sad. 

“If I didn’t eat lunch at my desk I wouldn’t have eaten.” Do you know this life?

Listen to this oldie but goodie: Michelle Branch, Breathe 

Good Practice For Soaking The Life You Need Out of Your Breaks Is To Breath Deeply

What you would want for your ideal ‘life break’ varies we’d expect from what another person desires. One thing is for sure: breathe deeply, people. It’s proper. It’s PC. It’s best-soul-with-a-body practice. Here is an article that’s well worth your while, for your work productivity and longevity.

If at all possible, get away from your desk at lunch time. Treat yourself nicely. Sit in the sun, chew slowly, relax and live the good life of nice smooth digestion.find a career

Proper breathing eliminates toxins 15% faster than common breathing. Fortunately you could learn proper breathing from your desk, between bites. Plus, you have no choice in the matter. You have to be breathing.

Might as well optimize your breathing skills, and happiness just may follow, flow, in and out.

Perhaps you can take a “life break” lunch break while you rest peacefully between bites and let your mind unwind – wander -focus on your breath – this is called mediation.

Meditation – it just might be the answer to world peace.

Try proper breathing, hydration, sleep, nutrition and exercise FIRST, then ask yourself this question:

What About Your Job Gives You Life?

If it’s nothing – after you’ve checked off the basics…then…it’s time to find another career.

How about a career change? Have you ever considered it?

Click here to investigate your higher education options. I’ve yet to meet someone who regretted going to school. 

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10 Careers With The Best Outlook

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The idea of switching jobs can be like a cobweb in your head, tormenting your dreams like your current job is a vampire sucking your lifeblood right out of you. It’s hard to admit, too. That urge and unhappiness can be a secret you

Baby boomers held a culture where it wasn’t common to switch careers much. You put in your years, worked hard and tried your best…keep your job woes in the deep caverns of your heart. Rebellion is so natural and these days millennials are job hopping, especially in their 20’s and 30’s.

You probably did a fair amount of work to get to your current job. The irony is that statement is fascinating. Marinade in it for a moment. We do work that we pay for…to get work where we are paid. Great. 

Personally, I have nearly 60,000 in debt for a B.A., and if I take that career track my degree gets me a starting salary of: poverty with a dependent. How in the…

At 18 I was thinking about altruism and meaning; not a paycheck. To admit “this isn’t IT for me” is painful, brimming, dripping with shame, embarrassment…It’s like saying, “I was really wrong…”

The voice of self-doubt says, “Since you were wrong, why do you think all of sudden YOU can make a better career choice?” The Vampire of my nightmares – is myself, standing in my own way.

I wasn’t wrong. I am on a journey.

Truly though, this is a natural economic process. Your unhappiness will eventually, hopefully sooner than later, lead you away from needless suffering and your happiness (or demand for) will lead your towards something that is BETTER for you; a.k.a. self-interest.

“Follow your bliss,” says Joseph Campbell (1904-1987). 

Americans are notorious for being product oriented. The quickest way to a goal is a straight line, point A to point B and a lot of weight on B, the result. “All’s well that ends well,” says Shakespeare (1564-1616).

No wonder…in a consumerist, capitalist society we value hard work and innovation and profit. Our language, English, is after all a commerce based language. It’s in the roots.

Truly, life is a journey to be enjoyed through and through…not a means to an end. Your worth is not based in what you do, what you do is not who you are…

Feelin’ your self worth…feel out these careers – that on paper – have the best end goal for the pains of the journey.

The “A” Career List

  • Registered Nurse
  • Truck Driver
  • Medical Secretary
  • Kindergarten or Elementary School Teacher
  • Accountant or Auditor
  • Restaurant Cook
  • Market Research Analysis
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Substance Abuse Counselor

Here’s a list of quick career changes from Maybe getting out of your current job-hell needs to happen. Maybe you need a job to pay for more education so you can get the A-list job. See this B-listing of careers.

Remember it’s not a point A to point B world…and getting a B job, pays for the A job training, just a little meander…

The “B” Career List

  • Wellness Coach
  • Personal Chef
  • Patient Advocate
  • Prospect Engineer
  • Solar-Energy System Installer
  • Emergency Manager


This career change you dream of isn’t going make things smooth as butter, probably. Any change, even the best changes: new baby, marriage, moving…have stress attached to them. This site Mind Tools has a helpful tool for us: categories and vocabulary. Understanding and talking about what we experience is cathartic…it’s also control coping, which is better. Read:careers

“Researchers Mel Fugate, Angelo J. Kinicki, and Gregory E. Prussia argue that there are two major types of coping strategies: “control coping” and “escape coping”.

  • “Control coping” is positive and proactive. You refuse to feel like a victim of change, instead you take charge and do whatever you can to be part of the solution, including managing your feelings.
  • “Escape coping” is based on avoidance. You experience thoughts and emotions, or take specific actions, that help you avoid the difficulties of change. For instance, you might deliberately miss training classes, or show up too late to attend a meeting about the upcoming change.”

Click: for help paying for that education of your choosing. Remember it’s a journey.

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3 Sad Reasons Why Slavery Is Still Legal in the U.S. Job Market

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ShareFollow Us  Hundreds of years ago, you could argue that life was a lot different than life now. Culture, beliefs, mindsets, and personalities were nothing like what they are today. One of the biggest differences between then and now, is the idea and practice of slavery. Slavery was “abolished” in the 1800’s, or so we thought. Once the 13th Amendment was passed, we believed that things had finally been worked out, and that this outrageous concept was no more. According…

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The post 3 Sad Reasons Why Slavery Is Still Legal in the U.S. Job Market appeared first on THE INCOME TAX PLANNING NETWORK.

How Many States Have Actually “Legalized” Slavery For Real Slavery is famously known to be down i…

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How Many States Have Actually "Legalized" Slavery For Real

Slavery is famously known to be down in the Southern part of the United States, but it seems as though it is rapidly spreading to the rest of the country. States facing growing budget deficits are quickly turning to prisoner/inmate labor to either break even or produce some sort of profit from the lack of pay, but increase in work being done. At least 37 of the 50 states have technically "legalized" labor slavery of prisoners with different companies.

3 Sad Reasons Why Slavery Is Still Legal in the U.S. Job Market

Thought slavery was abolished in the 1800’s? Think again. Slavery is still among us today, and affecting the U.S. job market. Click here to learn more.

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4 Best-Kept Campus Life Secrets From the Best College Resident Advisors

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Are you ready to get off of your own real season of The Real World and head to the latest version of reality – Campus Life? Forget the club clothes (fine, right, you get ONE outfit) and make room in your tiny closet for sweat pants and eraser tips for your pencils.  It’s study time!

Allow Higher Education Assistance to Summarize – What Campus Life Secrets You Forgot on That Packing List:

Go Ahead, Go Pretend These Campus Life Secrets Were in Your Repertoire of Common Sense

NOW You have your

Don’t forget to make it all possible: Get help with your tuition.  Click here to get the basics: BACK 2 SCHOOL 4 YOU.  

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Your Army Ranger Son or Daughter’s Pell Grant Application

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What about it? Well, it just so happens that while your army ranger of a son or daughter’s serving the country, that same hopeful of yours actually can qualify quite easily for a grant going toward education: the Pell Grant. And getting qualified for the Pell Grant’s quite easy — if you know where to look […]

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The post Your Army Ranger Son or Daughter’s Pell Grant Application appeared first on INTERNET LEGAL PLANS.

4 Surprising Secrets to Financing Your College Education for Free

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We’re not talking about loans here. We’re also not talking about your first year of college, fresh out of high school, when you could easily qualify for specific grants and scholarships. What happens when you’re well over the standard age many think of when going to school, or if you even have kids? Most people don’t think about whether or not it’s possible to get $5,775 in grant money, one portion of that being the Pell Grant, toward going back to college and furthering your education. Once you’re over the “hill,” that’s it.

The Truth Is You Still Have a Chance in Financing Your College Education. And, Yes, for Freefinancing your college education-1

The great thing about grants is that they don’t have to be paid back like student loans. And surprisingly, there’s plenty you don’t even realize about education and grants that would make it simple and easy on your wallet to go back to school. How so? Here are these four secrets to financing your college education without spending a dime:

Who Knew, Right? The Fact Is This:

Just one of these secrets might reveal to you the very real possibility that you can, in fact, qualify for a Pell Grant solely based on your own income merits. At any time in your life. All it takes is finding the school and your major you want to pursue, plus discussing your option with the financial aid department of the school of your choice.

Simply fill out your name and phone number here to get matched immediately. You might be well into your life, not even thinking about ever going back to school, but here’s the good news for you: now you can. And you will. Sign up today and start financing your college education immediately.

Financial aid. 4 ways to get $5,775 and grants to go back to school. over the age of 24, or you have to be married, or you have to have kids, or you have to be active in the military. If you answer yes to any of these, you qualify on your own income merits. Based on income. If you make less than $60K a year and you’re married, then you qualify for education grants.

Hey, if you’re any of these, you qualify for the Pell Grant. Now it’s up to you to determine your income requirements. Find the school and major first and talk to their financial aid department. Fill out your name and phone number. Match you with the schools that accept the Pell Grant. offer 2180

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Millennials are a difficult topic to talk about. Baby Boomers seem to hate them, others seem to love them, and the small generation in between just seems to be confused by them. I mean, you can’t please everybody, right? They are seen to be this new generation of kids who are independent, free-spirited, and have passion for everything. But did […]

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