There Is No Spoon When You Get Yourself A Loan

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This ladder climbing thing can be exhausted, and disorienting. More like a spirally cycle of bills to pay and pay day and the dreaded payday advance. It’s like spitting out a portion of your food every bite you take…or that you have to expend energy to take bites of the food that gives you energy. It’s like needing a job to pay for school to get you a better job. Everything is connected, and remember this in all the spinning of your wheels, as tired as you may be…loan

Our Society Is Set Up To Assist Those With Desire And Drive To Arrive.

Get a minimum wage job, and use that reference to get a better job. Use that better job to pay for college to get a better job. Use that better job to get a better job. Be a good adult…take care of –

Sounds like a lot of run around for some, and desiring a job is as far as some soul’s drive will take them.  To a job, because you know what…we all have to live somewhere, housed. Read this article about your options in that realm of society.

And you have to eat. So you will work for money to sleep somewhere and eat something.

Look up, though. Life is full of adventures and pleasures and enjoyment. Putting your head down to get through the typing of the same password…repeating your name, DOB, SSN…all that, (which you can protect for pennies a day — from theft, click here)…the repetitious accidental nature of our computerized, robotic, occasionally idiotic world…where you need to protect abstract information about yourself, or else…have really good luck…or deal.

Because people are going to live somewhere and eat, like an animal will. The spoon of it all is that we want those things as easily as possible, and our brains are designed to plan. Planning the quickest route from point A to point B is natural. Without a moral compass, you WOULD hurt other people in the process. And sometimes you can NOT want to hurt people – and totally ignore that you ARE. The moral compass is the spoon, out of sight and out mind.

Let there be out of sight out of mind…since the 13th century people have been saying this prase: “Out of Sight Out of Mind.” Although, then it would have been “out of sight out of minde.” There is no ‘e’….

You Can Try To Put “Bettering Your Own Life” Out of Sight Out Of Mind…loan

 At Least Keep Your Moral Compass In Sight

“There is no car…”

Okay, so there is no going?…way the heavens over there…for education. So here we are. Do a job and there is more Netflix, potato chips and water. Unpaid bills pile in the crannies of your house. You carry some around and think about opening it and set it down to raise some kids, see some friends, answer the creditors phone call. Your hotline bling-ed, and now that mail is out of sight out of mind.

A friend told me once her secret to living successfully in New York. Whenever she got sad or antsy or moody or missing home or missing her Mom…she did 1 thing off of her adult to do list. Just one thing, like mail that letter. Fill out that form. And before she knew it this vague cloud that attached itself to all the other emotional bits of her life would “POP” and her small actions a little at a time were enough to rain down benefits into her career, which benefited her personal life immensely. And this friend, she is all about people and she’s moody. So much so that it’s really shocking she’s handling all the red tape, unknowns, change, crowds, competition…She’s sensitive.

She didn’t stare at the hurt, her spoon. She bent herself. With that one hard thing, she built into a addicting habit.

Make An Adult To-Do-List…And Check Off One Thing At A Time…

At some point you will face $. Be ready.

Face Yourself, Bend Yourself

Like a ladder. The ladder isn’t really there. True. And you don’t really have to climb it. You might be full of dread. It’s okay, Robin…That’s the little Eeyore inside you. “POP.” There is no Eeyore.

But sure, we can create him with cotton stuffing, and he can mope ’round. Look in the

Like The Matrix (2009) and the spoon – “Do not try and bend the spoon. Instead only try and remember the truth. There is no spoon. Then you will see it is not the spoon that bends it is only yourself.”

“The oracle will see you now.”

What if you had the means TO DO the things things on the to-do list?

Click here for your payday loan, because it is not the world that bends itself but you who make it bend. 

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