Why It’s Important To Go Back To School For A Higher Education

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It’s a little different to come straight from High School  into a higher education program, rather than feeling “over the hill”. You feel like your options are limited when it comes to going back to school, but that is not the reality! We are not talking about putting yourself in tens or hundreds of thousands in debt here. We are talking about real, viable options for you. To better your future and widen your horizons.

Higher Education IS For You7975543462_bd8f7f5471_b higher education

Not only does a higher education give you more options, it allows you to build confidence in your own life. It allows you to move forward in your current career or reach those dreams you have always aspired to. Whether you just never had to opportunities to obtain those dreams, or you had an obstacle put in your way, hindering you from those goals, take this as a sign to re imagine and reassess your options.

The Money

Of course, this will be mentioned. It is proven that people with a bachelor’s degree make 84% more over a lifetime than high school graduates according to LA Times. A college degree could be the boost to move you up in the company that you are already in. Or be the thing that switches you into your dreams that you never thought would be a reality.

The Personal Effects of Achieving

Not only will the money be a boost to your wallet, it will be a boost to your confidence. Higher education can put you in a position to be living much more comfortably and providing for yourself or your family. This confidence that comes from knowing that you worked hard to put yourself in a place to provide for your life, as well as being happy in the career that you are in, will fulfill your life in new an exciting ways. All you have to do is try! You can achieve your dreams!

Putting Yourself First

Its entirely possible that the reason you haven’t thought about Higher education till now, is because you have spent a large amount of your life putting other people’s needs before your own. This trait is incredibly admirable. But the people who have it often forget, that sometimes to put others first, they must invest in themselves. Like my Grandma says, “You can’t poor out of an empty vessel.” So fill your self with knowledge and resources! So that you can keep bettering the world.

Putting Yourself Out There7975205041_7a5e4b65ff_m higher education

Have you ever thought about your connections? The people that you can reach out to when you need them, or when someone you care about is in a pinch. Reaching for a higher education broadens your horizons greatly when it comes to resources and connections. The connections in your life are HUGE in getting new opportunities and putting yourself in a place to succeed in all of the things you hope to attain.

There ARE Options For You

Now, don’t panic. All of the opportunities sound amazing, and all of these reasons are valid, but how will you find the money? How will you find the time? Working higher education around your already full and adult life sounds like a messy situation. Wait. There are resources specifically for people like you! People in a tricky situation that need help bettering their lives. Find the right degree for you.

Keep fighting. Keep striving for better. Better your life, and attain your dreams.

Your Spouse Can Make a Difference When Getting the U.S. Pell Grant?

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It just so happens that the answer’s YES in this case! Scary, right? But let’s just say you’re in that situation — you actually can qualify for the U.S. Pell Grant based on your income merits. And it’s all because at some point in your life, you had walked down the aisle and said your “I DO’s.”

Marital Status Matters When Enrolling for a Pell GrantPell Grant-1

It just so happens to be one of the four requirements when seeking the Pell Grant and other grants for a total of $5,813 in funds to propel you through college in the U.S. for your first, second, third or fourth degree. Whatever the case may be, if you’re a bit tight on money, looking for a job, and wanting to advance your career, this is one simple requirement, landing you a Pell Grant that’ll make it much easier to pay the bills.

Yes, college’s expensive. But it’s worth it. Are you looking to get back into school here in the States? Need to finish your degree and life sort of ‘came first’ in your arena? That’s not a problem as there are resources here in America, and all you need to do is click here, fill out your information along with a U.S. phone number, get matched with the right schools with the access to grants, such as the Pell Grant, and let your own marital status make it happen.

Tie the Knot That Way, and You’ll Be Well on Your Way to Advancing Your Education

You can say to your spouse that it was because of him/her that you have the degree you’ve always wanted. How’s that for a Valentine’s Day gift? (Or anniversary gift, what have you) Don’t hesitate to give it a shot. You have nothing to lose. Sign up right here and include your U.S. phone number, getting you access to that grant money for school!

Why the University of Missouri Makes the Case for the “Safe Space”

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There’s been a lot of talk regarding how far some students may go to have their voices heard in a so-called “safe space” in college (particularly the University of Missouri, just in case you’re keeping an eye on the news). There’s talk about the freedom of the press. Maybe these college students are going too far? Are they being disrespectful? Are they ‘complaining’ too much? Here’s what we think:

The University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe Exactly Did Right in Resigning

Look underneath the actions of these students, and you’ll see the absolute truth: these students are University of Missouri Example Black Lives Mattergoing to school and not feeling safe at all. Their identities. Their well-being. Even their lives. They’ve been feeling threatened in a safe space that should be about learning, not about defending who they are when attacked.

A lot of actions taken to stir up the emotions of students, like one Ahmed Mohamed, are well founded, and although the press and media want the inside scoop (and rightfully deserve it), the fact is this — they’re dealing with a lot of heartache, focused on the rights all students have (not just those who are ever threatened by wrongful actions).

The outrage is warranted. Safety is paramount. This — what these students have been doing — that is freedom of speech. That’s speaking your voice. That’s standing together. That’s making a statement. Even if it’s a loud statement.

The Safe Space Makes Sense: Let’s Just Not Get Carried Away With It

We’re talking about Oklahoma Wesleyan University, of course…. But there’s a line you cross. And the University of Missouri hasn’t crossed it. Common sense. We’re all about equality, truth, safety, fellowship. Students who really want to go to school and learn will complain about whether or not they can learn in safety!

This applies to everything from the safe spaces in home renting, real estate, education, the workspace, legal rights, entertainment. Everything. So let us make this clear: we’re going to start right here. With education. Need to go back to school? Let’s all make sure you can advance your future career safely.

Don’t Invest All That Money on the Current College Textbook Edition!

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You might hear the prof say that the current college textbook edition is out for the class and that he/she “encourages” you to buy it, but please resist. Resist with every fabric of your being as far as how to maximize your finances with textbooks go. Here’s why:

The Fact is That Current College Textbook Edition Isn’t Much Different Than the Older Versions!current college textbook edition-1

More often than not, you might be looking at a current college textbook edition that has perhaps a new cover and a few new samples added into the content. Try and compare, in fact. Take a prior 2014 version of your current college textbook edition, get the current 2015 version — and look at the content. See a lot of similarity? You don’t have double vision; that’s for sure.

Scarily enough, that current college textbook edition will wow you with a wicked retail price: 75 bucks or more (most likely more, especially if it’s a big hard cover. And if you’re like many students out there who might not need every college textbook out there for your classes, and utilizing resources of all kinds, education technology and trends, you probably wouldn’t need any current college textbook edition, or even the used version, at all.

But just in case you might benefit from any textbook, know this: you can check with your professors and see if you can get by with just getting the used older versions, especially when that teacher knows the material and knows you’ll do just fine to save the money.

Think About It: You’re in College to Get a Job That’ll Make You Some Money. Why Not Save Some Money in the Process?

We can guarantee that a professor will say that it’s probably the best lesson a college student could ever learn, especially when you can go past the current college textbook edition and just go with what works, saving you money. That’s life learning right there. College is about convenience. Education is about advancement of life’s best practices.

Why Optional Review Sessions Matter to the Smart College Student

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Even the wisest college student might think that the entire schedule on a syllabus is mandatory and that anything “extra” is, well, just extra — meaning NOT NECESSARY. And they’re right. If a college professor offers additional work to be done and time to be invested, that’s up to the discretion of the college student. Taking advantage of those optional review sessions isn’t a requirement, but here’s the thing:

This Is Your Education We’re Talking About: So as a Smart College Student, Consider Every Resource Carefullycollege student review sessions

Who knows — the smart college student might gain an incredible advantage by attending any optional review sessions, plus you get some great face time and individual attention from the professor or TA. Invest in the possibility. Those additional review sessions are not, in fact, a waste of time.

The big bonus is the fact that you might have an extra incentive, a college professor who will consider you more specifically as an academic of excellence, especially with your term paper. There might be some specifics on that mid-term or final exam that no other student would otherwise learn about unless you happen to put your best foot forward and invest that extra time. It’s a lifelong lesson. The more time you put into something, the better your outcome or result might be.

Don’t be surprised if college professors often think like this. They may offer those “optional review sessions” as a fine print on the syllabus, but the trick is that he or she then hopes some college students will actually show up. This filters out the aggressive learners from the wastes of time in the lecture hall. Think about it. It makes it that much easier to gauge who should get the grade — and who, well, shouldn’t.

Your Education Is All About Strategy

It’s a mission. You have certain tactics to improve your college life. Use them. And, for sure, this one about those optional review sessions is just another weapon in your arsenal on your quest to landing your professional career with the degree in which you have a passion.

One Shot, One Opportunity: Yes, the Syllabus Has Only One Exam!

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Eminem said it best…. “One shot, one opportunity.” Seize everything you wanted. Capture it, and most definitely don’t let it slip. Some intense stuff, right? College is like that.

College Is Your One Shot. Your One Opportunity. Completely Defined in the Syllabus.syllabus Eminem

You may notice that that piece of paper called a “syllabus” will have a bulk of information, but don’t be surprised if you just see one exam dated on there. It’s not a typo. There won’t be any pop quizzes either (much, because you never know whether or not you’re going to have a tricky college professor on your hands). You most likely will have just one exam or term paper to write. And that’s it. But don’t be fooled. This won’t be an easy street for you to walk on. Such is college life and many methods to take in living it efficiently.

The fact is your participation, attention, research and study will greatly affect how you do on this one exam on the syllabus. Don’t think this will be a simple multiple choice affair along with a study guide your high school teachers used to provide to you. It’s all on you. Your syllabus says it best like that.

You, Therefore, Need to Make Your Education Count

Classes and careers hold hands like that in a big way. You call the shots. You either sink or swim. That one exam you’re going to take, whether it’s a mid-term or a final, or just that term paper, absolutely must shine like gold. So put your all into it. No CliffsNotes. All research. Multiple sources. Your textbooks. Train yourself. Repetition, repetition, repetition.

You’ll then realize that while the syllabus states that you’re going to have to deal with one exam, just know one thing: that one exam listed in the syllabus will make the difference between you landing that high-salary job or just working out of a fast-food joint on Detroit’s 8-Mile. Word.

5 Phenomenal Ways Your College Education Ties in to Your Future Finances

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Isn’t it obvious? College is preparation for life. It’s a linear cycle when you think about it. You were a kid, going to school, learning about basic responsibility to prepare for high school. High school prepared you for your college education, increasing the stakes. And now that you’re in (or going to be) a big university, this is where you learn some of the fiercest lessons in life — how to manage your money, manage your schedule, your career, your everything. This is your launching pad. Your college education is your shuttle to the new frontier.

So It Would Make Sense That There Are Secrets to Maximizing Your Collegecollege education whiteboard Education

Something this phenomenal has to go beyond the everyday textbook or syllabus when you think about it. If a college education prepares you for the world, you’d think that chalkboards or whiteboards and homework wouldn’t cut it much! You’re correct.

These ways a college education can benefit you the most might shock you. Use these tricks of the trade and then apply them to your life beyond that college education. Trust us; you’ll need these secrets:

Take Notes, Because There Will Be a Pop Quiz!

Are we clear on the info, ladies and gentlemen? Good. You’d be surprised at how much easier this makes your financial life in college, plus true-blue real-life application of how you can utilize every resource at your disposal to ensure your professional life bears the best of corporate fruit over in National Jobs Online or any of these job sites. Happy hunting and don’t forget the lava lamps!

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