Why the University of Missouri Makes the Case for the “Safe Space”

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There’s been a lot of talk regarding how far some students may go to have their voices heard in a so-called “safe space” in college (particularly the University of Missouri, just in case you’re keeping an eye on the news). There’s talk about the freedom of the press. Maybe these college students are going too far? Are they being disrespectful? Are they ‘complaining’ too much? Here’s what we think:

The University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe Exactly Did Right in Resigning

Look underneath the actions of these students, and you’ll see the absolute truth: these students are University of Missouri Example Black Lives Mattergoing to school and not feeling safe at all. Their identities. Their well-being. Even their lives. They’ve been feeling threatened in a safe space that should be about learning, not about defending who they are when attacked.

A lot of actions taken to stir up the emotions of students, like one Ahmed Mohamed, are well founded, and although the press and media want the inside scoop (and rightfully deserve it), the fact is this — they’re dealing with a lot of heartache, focused on the rights all students have (not just those who are ever threatened by wrongful actions).

The outrage is warranted. Safety is paramount. This — what these students have been doing — that is freedom of speech. That’s speaking your voice. That’s standing together. That’s making a statement. Even if it’s a loud statement.

The Safe Space Makes Sense: Let’s Just Not Get Carried Away With It

We’re talking about Oklahoma Wesleyan University, of course…. But there’s a line you cross. And the University of Missouri hasn’t crossed it. Common sense. We’re all about equality, truth, safety, fellowship. Students who really want to go to school and learn will complain about whether or not they can learn in safety!

This applies to everything from the safe spaces in home renting, real estate, education, the workspace, legal rights, entertainment. Everything. So let us make this clear: we’re going to start right here. With education. Need to go back to school? Let’s all make sure you can advance your future career safely.

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